September 22, 2000

Trick Style

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Trick Style suffered the ultimate disaster at the recent E3 show in America. The playable demo crashed as people were playing it and Acclaim were forced to put the game into a non playable looping demo. Even so, the game still wooed crowds with impressive visuals.

Each character in the game is built of over 1000 polygons while the backgrounds and other objects in the game will consist of another 100,000 polygons in each level. With a frame rate of at least 30fps during the game and over 50 different special effects this game is stunning.

The object of Trick Style is to race a hoverboard type craft through a variety of levels while performing tricks and stunts. Certain stunts must be completed in order to finish the stages. Fortunately Criterion are including large 3D areas to race in rather then narrow set paths. This gives the game a much more open feel to it.

The game allows you to choose from 9 different characters, all of which have different attributes and racing styles including different stunts. There are also 4 different hoverboards to select from, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Criterion have stuck their hand up as a major developer on the Dreamcast. Trick Style looks like it will be a winner and if the promised 16 player internet mode is included in the final version this may become the game that showed off to the public exactly what the Dreamcast is all about.