May 20, 2000
Toy Story 2 - Preview
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One of the biggest movies of 1999 was Di$ney/Pixar's Toy Story 2, the sequel to the first fully computer generated feature movie. As with most big movies these days a video game usually follows closely behind to generate more revenue from the buzz (get it) from the film. But Toy Story 2 is long gone from the silver screen and is almost ready to hit retail on video (and DVD in about 5-10 years - thats a sore point with myself and countless other DVD owners). At least Activision have had plenty of time to create a platform game worthy of the license.

The story, if you haven't seen the movie, goes a little like this. Woody is stolen from a garage sale by a ruthless toy king (voiced by Wayne Knight or Seinfeld fame) and joins up with other toys from his collection which have become very valuable since the demise of his TV show. After viewing the theft of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the toys go on a mission to save Woody and stop him being sold to a Japanese toy collector.

Toy Story 2 is made up of 15 huge levels which will see you, as Buzz Lightyear, having to defeat bosses including Zurg and the Prospecter. Of course, no platofrm game is complete without an array of special powers which in Toy Story 2 include a grappling hook, and arm laser and moon spring. Hamm, Rex and Slinky are also available to help you in your quest to save Woody.

One thing that many people have commented on it how inadequate the graphics look for a Dreamcast games. The characters have a very angular look to them and the game owrld aren't goig to win too many awards. Still, there is some time before the game hits the shelves and if you listen to people who have seen the game lately it has improved dramatically over the last month.

While other versions of Toy Story 2 were nothing to write home about, Activision have spent a lot of time on the Dreamcast version to make it the best game yet. Expect to hear a lot about this game when it comes out in the coming weeks.