September 22, 2000

Tokyo Highway Battle

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Who are Genki you ask? Although the name is probably not familiar to you they were the company that programmed/developed Virtua Fighter 3:TB on the Dreamcast. They have used this early experience on the Dreamcast to develop Tokyo Highway Battle as their second title on the system.

The grphics in this game are very good, there's no denying that. The motion blur on the car's back lights gives a very realistic feel to the game. It's jsut a bit sad that the background scenery is so grey. Surely some neon lights or bright signs wouldn't have gone astray.

Although Japanese reviews of the game were rather good (average 80%), many people complained of an awkward control system in the game that takes a lot of getting used to. It is unknown if the controls will be changed for the release in Australia.

If there is one major complaint to be levelled at this game it's that there is only one circuit. It might be bloody long, but get real. One track in a racing game is a joke. When I buy a racing game I expect at least 5 tracks of a wide variety to keep me interested. It's hard to get excited by a racing game like this, even if the graphics are very good.