September 22, 2000

Sydney 2000

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With the olympics beginning in mid September it was inevitable that someone would pick up the rights to develop a game to appear on almost every platform. Attention To Detail were handed those rights and have spent the last year creating a game to suit the excitement associated with the Olympic Games.

Such is the detail in this game that ATD were given the blueprints to the Olympic venues, something which required that staff at ATD to sign agreements ensuring the security of the documents in the leadup to the games. SOCOG wouldn't have liked to see those documents in terrorist hands in the leadup to the games.

Sydney 2000 includes a wide range of events to compete in. This list includes the 100m sprint, 110m hurdles, hammer throw, javelin, high jump, triple jump, 100m swimming, sprint cycling, skeet shooting, weight lifting, 10 meter diving and kayaking. This is quite an impressive list and fairly respectable if you look at Olympic based games from the past. It would have been nice to see a few more variations on the sports provided. I mean it couldn't be too hard to include the 200m and 400m sprints, longer distances swimming with differnt strokes as well as 3m diving. Still what's here should be fun.

There can be no denying the beauty of the graphics on offer in this game and if the gameplay holds together will this game should be an essential purchase for the Dreamcast. Sega's Virtua Athelete is due out in the coming months as well but this game looks like including more options and events.