April 11, 2000
Stupid Invaders- Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players RRP
May 2001UbisoftXilam1$89.95

When you get a game called Stupid Invaders you immediatly think two things. One of those thoughts is that this sounds like a pretty stupid game and probably isn't worth your time. The second thought is that perhaps this is one very funny title brought to us by a developer who has a wacky sense of humour. Fortuantely, Stupid Invaders falls into the latter category. This isn't a stupid game but instead is one of the funniest and most amazing looking titles headed to the Dreamcast this year.

Five strange aliens, one tiny spaceship and a whole heap of trouble! After accidentally crash landing on Earth, Etno and his alien pals unwind from their latest calamity. With only a moments break, the five hapless aliens find themselves on the run from an evil scientist, Dr. Sakarine, who collects aliens as a hobby. However, this evil professor and his hired henchman, Bolok, have plans for Etno and his friends, which includes a comprehensive study of alien physiology. Players must guide the aliens and do their best to find crazy solutions and escape the clutches and scalpels of the madman?

Looking at the surrounding screenshots you could be forgiven for thinking that these are pre-renders. Well they aren't. These are actually in-game screenshots and show the amount of detail which the developers have been striving to achieve. Stupid Invaders includes over 120 locations and more than 50 interactive characters to meet, Stupid Invaders witty dialogue and comical cast of characters will give gamers a hysterical laughing fit, as references of old movies, famous comics and other adventure games appear throughout the game.

Stupid Invaders is apparently inspired by the TV series Space Goofs. While the developer remains an unknown quantity with games (the company creates animated TV shows) one thing is certain, Ubisoft have been releasing some quality titles on the Dreamcast. Stupid Invaders looks set to set a new benchmark in twisted humour and gameplay. Expect the game to hit the shelves around May, which will signal the end of UbiSoft's commitment to the Dreamcast in Australia.