November 6, 2000
Looney Tunes Space Race - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players RRP
10/11/2000InfogramesMelbourne House1-4$TBA

Click To Enlarge ImageLooney Tunes Space Race is Melbourne House's second Dreamcast title expected for Christmas 2000 on the Dreamcast. Their first title, Le Mans 24 Hours is also a racing game, but is based on a real racing series, unlike this game which is based on the Warner Brothers cartoons. That doesn't mean any less effort has gone into the game with everything having to be approved by Warner Brothers prior to the game being released. You can be assured that the quality of Looney Tunes Space Race will also be top notch.

Click To Enlarge ImageTake control of your favorite Looney Tunes Characters are you race to win a lifetimes supply of your favorite ACME product in the ACME Challenge. You can select from 8 characters (2 are secret) who include favorites such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and Wile E. Coyote. Perhaps the funniest moments will come from the 10 different weapons available during racers. These weapons include portable holes, falling anvils and elephants, disintegrator pistols and instant storms. Looney Tunes Space Race takes place on six different planets with 12 different tracks to race on. This game can only be described as Mario Kart with rockets. Melbourne House has even been kind enough to include a pinball game for your VMU.

Click To Enlarge ImageGraphically there is little to fault in this game. The backgrounds, while not as detailed as Bizarre Creations' Metropolis: Street Racer, are adequate for a cartoon based game and are definitely colorful enough. The game runs at a rock solid 30fps throughout. The sound effects, as you would expect, were provided by Warner Brothers to retain authenticity while the speech was recorded especially for the game.

Looney Tunes Space Race looks set to be another great game for the Dreamcast. While more mature players will likely opt for a more realistic racing experience younger kids should have a blast with this title. If the gameplay is strong then there is no reason not to make your kids very happy this Christmas. It's times like this that you wonder just why the Dreamcast is struggling so much.