February 20, 2001
Sonic Adventure 2 - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players RRP
22/6/2001SegaSonic Team1$99.95

It's hard to imagine that Sega's lovable blue mascot is almost 10 years old. It seems like only yesterday that Sonic first appeared on the MegaDrive to gasps of amazement and praise from the press and public alike. After some dubious outings on the Sega Saturn the blue hedgehog hit back as a Dreamcast launch title in the form of Sonic Adventure. The game stunned the gaming community with it's speed and technical achievements, as well as superb gameplay. It wasn't the perfect game that everyone expected, but it was certainly entertaining.

Little is known about the plot in Sonic Adventure 2 although the screenshots indicate that Dr Robotnik has returned once again. No doubt he has devised another plan to capture all the animals and take control of the planet. Obviously, Sonic will once again be required to defeat his nemesis. Sonic Team have promised that this will be the biggest and best Sonic game ever.

One of the most amazing sequences seen so far in the in-game footage is Sonic running down a road, possibly based in L.A., where a truck is careering down the road smashing through anything that stands in its way including cars and trams. The sequence is similar to the killer whale chase from Sonic Adventure but a lot more intense an with a lot more destruction to the surroundings.

Graphically, Sonic Adventure 2 looks a lot more polished then the original, which is still one of the better looking Dreamcast titles. With the sequel not expected until late in 2001 there is plenty of time for Sonic Team to experiment with some amazing graphical effects and new gameplay elements. We can also expect a lot less pop-up in the sequel then was found the first game due to a lot more time to optimize the graphics engine.

Sonic Adventure 2 will be one of Sega's major Christmas 2001 releases and we can expect a lot more detail to be released in the lead up to release. With Yuji Naka once again taking the creative helm for this title we can expect a much longer and more polished title.