September 22, 2000

Sonic Adventure

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August 22nd 1998 will go down as one of the most exciting day in gaming history. Why? That was the day that Sega unveiled the most anticipated game for Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure. Sega staged a huge event which was so popular they had to schedule a 3rd even to cope with all the people. So what was all the fuss about?

Sonic has become to Sega what Mario is to Nintendo. An icon. A system seller. A mascot. Many people believe that the Sega Saturn died because it didn't have a Sonic game worthy of the system. As a result the Saturn struggled in America and Europe. Sega realised the mistake and work on Sonic Adventure begun in 1997. With over 100 people developing the game Sega were pouring the resources, and money, to make is just right.

As you may have seen from the screenshots above this game looks absolutely brillint. The graphics are nice in the pictures but what can't be seen from still shots is the fluidity of the game. Running in 640 x 480 resolution and at 60fps the game shows off the true power of the Dreamcast.

To say that Sonic Adventure is a good game is an understatement, it's brilliant. My only niggle is that it is perhaps a little too easy for the hard core gamers. But while it lasts it's simply amazing.

Like Virtua Fighter 3 : Team Battle this game is being improved for release outside Japan. Some of the camera angles are being fixed and probably most of the tiny graphical glitches. Hopefully they will included some difficulty levels but this hasn't been confirmed at the moment.

The VMS is also used in the game. Eggs can be collected from within the Dreamcast game and stored in the VMS where creatures can be bred and nurtured for use when you go back to the Dreamcast.

All in all this looks like it will be the pick of the launch titles outside Japan, especially due to Sonic's popularity in America and Europe. To read the review of the Japanese game click here.