September 22, 2000

Snow Surfers

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Origin RRP
30/11/1999SegaUEP Systems Japan$89.95

UEP Systems are most well known for their series of Cool Boarders games on the Playstation. The games have sold very well on Sony's system which is why it's so exciting to see it on the Dreamcast. But it won't come with the Cool Boarders branding for legal reasons. Instead, the Dreamcast version will be called Snow Surfers upon it's release.

But I always thought that Cool Boarders was a much over rated series of games on the Playstation. The graphics, sound and gameplay were all below par. Now however, UEP Systems has a more powerful machine to play with and will be trying to corner the snowboard/skiing market on Dreamcast as soon as possible.

If implemented correctly snow racing games have the potential to be great. However, no one has been able to create any "must have" snow racing games. Not even Nintendo's 1080° Snowboarding could be classed as a true classic.

Snow Surfers includes night time racing which adds a new dimension to skiing. But limiting the view distance players must react quicker to upcoming situations. The special effects and lighting at night time are simply amazing. Add in a multiplayer option (not online play unfortunately) and Snow Surfers is one very cool game.

Snow Surfers is due for release on October 29th 1999, a couple of days after the launch of the Dreamcast in Australia. But it will have it's work cut out, with several other snow racing games due in the coming months.