September 22, 2000

Sega Bass Fishing

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Origin RRP
2/4/2000SegaIn-HouseJapan$129.95 with rod

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One of the most innovative, and successful, arcade games in recent times is Sega's excellent fishing game, Get Bass. It's use of a fishing rod with realistic feedback drew the crowds in, especially in Australia, where fishing is very popular. Sega announced a conversion of Get Bass, to be called Sega Bass Fishing in America, Europe and Australia, to the Dreamcast in 1998 and the game was released in Japan on April 1st, 1999. But sales of the game were average, and the release outside Japan was soon abandoned.

Things soon changed. Many people, myself included, cried in outrage that the game was canned outside Japan and soon enough it was back on the release lists. This was a good move by Sega as the game has been in the American top 10 Dreamcast games almost every week since it's release there late last year.

As you can see from the above screen shots the game is very beautiful to look at. The Dreamcast version is almost identical in the graphical department as the arcade game and the fish (Bass) look absolutely splendid. But it's not the graphics that this game relies on, it's the gameplay, and this game is full of it.

As I mentioned previously Get Bass will ship with the fishing rod control. Although it lacks the pulling and tugging from the arcade game is still vibrates when a fish is hooked. This is one of the most original and innovative controls in gaming history. Even without the fishing rod the game is still excellent to play with the normal Dreamcast controller.

Get Bass will be one of the first titles I buy for the Dreamcast, possibly before Sonic Adventure and Virtua Fighter 3 :TB. It's that good. If you have even the smallest interest in fishing then this game is worth a look at least.