September 22, 2000

Speed Devils

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Speed Devils isn't your ordinary racer, far from it in fact. Not only will you be racing to keep ahead of the police radars and your opponents, but also a wide variety of disasters. From tornado's, earthquakes, lava, fire and even dinosaurs this game has it all. You'll need you racing wits just to finish the race, let alone win.

Speed Devils is littered with features. All 10 cars in the game are customizable and can sustain damage during the races. With the variety of cars ranging from Jeeps to sports models there is plenty to get to grips with. Each different car has it's strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Jeep is good while off-road but the sports model is better staying on it.

Many parts of the car including tyres, armour, radar jammers and nitros are all upgradable. This is done via money which is earnt by winning the races and wages which are placed on each race.

The races are held in 7 different environments which have been inspired by real world locations such as California, Las Vegas and New York. In total there are 13 different tracks to race on with a variety of disasters. While there may be earthquakes in Los Angeles a T-Rex is more likely in Hollywood.

There are several modes of play in Speed Devils. Arcade mode allows the player to race on any track with to try the different vehicles. The Time Attack Mode gives you a free run on a circuit to clock the best time while a Ghost Mode will give you an indication of you performance compared to your best time. The Championship mode is the best mode however, with the object to become the grand champion while defeating and increasing difficulty level.

Speed Devils may end up on the pile of wannabe racing games. However, with such an interesting series of racing tracks and disasters to contend with it's doubtful that people will forget about this title in a hurry. Speed Devils is definitely a title which I can't wait to play.