September 22, 2000

Red Dog

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Argonaut are one of the most repected developers in the gaming community, although you may not know their work off hand. Not only did these developers create games such as Star Fox and Vortex for the Super Nintendo but they also designed the Super FX chip to enhance the graphics. In recent years they have worked on the amazing Croc games for both PC and Playstation. (A Dreamcast Croc game is due at the end of 2000.)

Although Croc 2 had been strongly rumoured for release on the Dreamcast (it even appeared on some of Sega's game lists) Argonaut have bravely strayed from that series first up to create one of the most visually pleasing 3D shooters ever. As you can see from the above screen shots the game features a wide variety of terrains to explore.

The idea behind Red Dog is simple. The game places you in a tank within a 3D environment where the task is to make you way through the level by destroying any opposition. It's straight forward gameplay, which Arognaut has described as "similar to Star Fox, but in a tank".

The hype surrounding this game has been strangely subdeued. It will be interesting to see how well this game stacks up against DMA Design's recently released Wild Metal. A developer with such a string of hits as Argonaut deserves a lot of attention and if the screenshots are anything to go by then this may be the surprise game this year on the Dreamcast. I, for one, can't wait.