September 22, 2000

NFL Quarterback Club 2000

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NFL. Not exactly the most loved sport in Australia, but in America it's huge. That's why there are so many NFL games in this world. But they still have their place in Australia. Although the sport is rarely seen here that doesn't mean it isn't a good game. Right?

Acclaim have spent a lot of time building their NFL QBC series over the last couple of years and the Dreamcast was the perfect opportunity to expand the game with even more lifelike animations and plays. Iguana Entertainment, the games developers, have gone all out to make this the best game yet.

Some of the features on the Dreamcast version of the game include over 1,200 motion captured animations (from the New York Jets team no less), play by play and pre-game commentary, ability to create your own players and manage the team (including trading/drafting and salary cap). To top it all off Acclaim have included over 1500 player photo's, and all thirty rendered stadiums.

The biggest problems with Acclaim's NFL title is that Visual Concepts seem to have them beat in all area's with their spectacular NFL 2000. I wouldn't have expected this title to be huge in Australia but with Sega's NFL 2000 not appearing on any release lists in PAL territories Acclaim may be able to take the lions share of the market (however small that may be here).