September 30, 2000
Power Stone 2 - Preview
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One of the hottest Dreamcast launch titles here in Australia was Capcom's 4 person brawler, Power Stone. The game was applauded by the press be adding some new gameplay elemets to the fighting genere. Objects around the levels could be interacted with and used against the opposition. Although the first game failed to meet sales expectations Capcom decided to produce a sequel which has been generally improved over the original.

With up to four players on screen at a time the fights in Power Stone 2 can be intense to say the least. One of the new levels is set on the deck of a ship which has gun turrents mounted on it. If you are quick enough you can beat your opposition to these guns and use them to devestating effect.

Power Stone 2 is a great fighting game which is set to improve on the impressive original game. With more fighters, more levels and improved graphics this game should be on the top of every fighting fan's list. If you never owned the original I plead with you to have a look at this. If you already own the original game then this much improved sequel should at least be looked at.