PowerStone (Japanese) - Review

Release Date Publisher Developer Additional Information
25/2/1999CapcomIn-HouseJap Reviews Avg : 82.5%

Capcom, the greatest developer of 2D fighting games has entering the 3D fighting market with the all new, Power Stone. The shift to 3D gameplay in fighting games has taken quite a long time. Sure the Tekken and Virtua Fighter series may have 3D graphics but the gameplay remained strictly 2D. What sets this game apart is the fact that the characters can now run around the landscape to hide behind objects or collect them to use as weapons.

The first thing you will notice about this game is the stunning visuals. Although I haven't seen the arcade game myself, I have been told that the Dreamcast version is an exact copy. And I'd believe it. The visuals in this game set a new standard for 3D fighting games, even surpassing the brilliant Virtua Fighter 3:TB. The animation is smooth and the backgrounds are varied. Hopefully, a couple of minor glitches can be fixed by the time the game is released outside Japan.

The gameplay is quite strange at first. The most notable difference between this game and other fighters is that there is no block button. Why Capcom decided to omit this is unknown to me. I mean it's possible to block in real life so why not in a game? But it's the freedom of movement that set's this game apart. Being able to pull up a light poll and use it as a weapon is absolute blast. The special moves are equally impressive with an array of special effects.

This will be a welcome addition to the launch titles come September in Europe, America and Australia. It will probably be the fighting game that many people opt for, and rightly so. Capcom have proven that a free roaming 3D fighting game can work and thankfully it's on the Dreamcast. Sadly, Japanese games players haven't warmed to Power Stone as much as Capcom hoped. The game has only sold in average numbers. Hopefully this won't stop the promised sequels.