September 22, 2000

Power Stone

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Power Stone is Capcom's latest foray into the 3D world of beat 'em ups. The arcade version of this game was released in January 1999, only a few weeks before it's Dreamcast debeut in Japan. An the Dreamcast version is little short of amazing with no difference from it's arcade counterpart due to the Naomi arcade system.

So what makes this game so much different to previous Capcom games? Well Capcom have brought their fighting brilliance into the world of 3D. This isn't just a 2D fighting game with 3D graphics like Tekken and Virtua Fighter. This is true 3D. Power Stone allows the players to run around in a true 3D environment to escape from their enemies, hide behind objects or gain the upper hand by being on a higher surface.

Characters are awarded stones during the game which enhance abilities or enable extra moves. Stones can be knocked from the opposition and if all 3 are collected a super special move can be made. Players can also grab parts of the scenery, such as weapons and lamp posts to use against their foes.

Power Stone uses the Dreamcast's analog stick and VMS. VMS games can also be downloaded from the internet, and after you've completed the Arcade mode, a Power Stone collection mode becomes available. This mode allows you to view and use the treasures you found in the game, and new treasures will be unlocked for you to find.

Power Stone has been confirmed as a launch title in the United States, and shouldn't be far behind in PAL territories. Capcom have indicated that they will make a series of fighting games based on the Power Stone series even though the game hasn't sold as well as expected in Japan.