September 22, 2000

Pen Pen

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Origin RRP
15/12/1999InfogramesGeneral EntertainmentJapan$89.95

Woo Hoo! Pen Pen is coming to Australia. Although the game didn't set the world on fire when it was released in Japan last November, it was still a lot of fun. Anyone who has read my review of the Japanese game will know that I liked it quite a lot, even though it has it's problems.

Racing penguin type creatures is actually more fun then it sounds. The ability ro run, slide and swim makes for some very interesting races, especially with the whacky course designs on offer. But the biggest problem with the Japanese game is the sluggish pace. This would be horrific on the slower PAL systems running on a 50Hz TV.

Pen Pen probably won't appeal to most hard core gamers, but the kids will love this to death. The cute graphics, fun sounds and bright colours are enough to keep them entertained for hours. I'm unsure if this game will be altered prior to it's release outside Japan but if the developers increase the speed of the game then this game could be a worthwile addition to the Dreamcast library.