September 27, 2000
NFL2K - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players RRP
CancelledSegaVisual Concepts1-2TBA

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NFL is one of those sports that isn't very well known in Australia. The only time we see any of it on TV is when the Superbowl is held once a year. Even then, the coverage is often less then great. But that doesn't mean that NFL games can't sell here. Indeed, EA's Madden NFL series has a big following and sells quite well.

As we've all come to expect from Dreamcast games the graphics are superb. No other NFL game has ever looked this good. There are over 400 different body physiques to match with the real life players. Visual Concepts also used 16 NFL players to capture over 1,500 motion captured animations to add even more reality to the game.

NFL2K received some excellent press from the E3 show recently. Many people called it the Dreamcast game of the show, along with Ready 2 Rumble, and it is one of the most anticipated Dreamcast titles in America. Two other NFL titles including Midway's NFL Blitz 2000 and Acclaim's NFL Quarterback Club 2000 are set for release in the United States, but it looks as if Visual Concepts' title has a the edge.

With the absence of EA from the Dreamcast it was crucial that Sega found new sporting franchises to bring to the Dreamcast, and it looks as if Visual Concepts have developed a title to surpass even EA's Madden series. NFL2K is due for release on 9/9/99 in America and although a PAL release hasn't been announced, Sega would be crazy not to release such a great game, even if it does only sell in small numbers.