September 22, 2000

NBA Showtime

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Midway had great success with basketball games in the past. NBA Jam and NBA Jam : Tournament Edition were among the best sellers during the SNES and Megadrive days. With exciting 2 on 2 gameplay and over the top dunks the series wasn't a simulation of a sport, it was a sport adopted for pure arcade excitement.

With the advent of 3D consoles such as the Playstation, N64 and Saturn Midway decided to move the series into the polygon world. The players were no longer sprites but full 3D polygon models. Unfortuntely all the flash graphics must have done something to the programmers. They forgot about the gameplay.

But this time Midway are hoping to get get everything right. Although the Dreamcast can produce superb graphics, as seen in NBA 2000, Midway hardly look to be pushing the systems capabilities for NBA Showtime. But the gameplay is where it counts and NBA Showtime should be full of it.

NBA Showtime allows you to select from 145 players including real players, rookies and even mascots this game is aiming to please. There is even an option to create your own players and assign points to suit the strenths of the player which you want. The game also includes 30 different basketball courts to play on.

Midway will be hoping that NBA Showtime can continue the guaranteed success of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing and Mortal Kombat Gold on the Dreamcast. With 4 players battling it out at once this game should be an absolute blast to play.