September 22, 2000


Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Origin RRP
17/3/2000SegaVisual ConceptsAmerica$89.95

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With EA still not declaring support for the Sega Dreamcast it was looking as if the system would have to struggle to obtain some strong sports titles. But our minds have been put at rest. Visual Concepts, who are now owned by Sega, have come to the rescue with this magnificent basketball game, NBA2K.

As you can see, the above screenshots are very impressive. The amount of detail in the crowd, and on the players is exceptional and exceeds anything seen on a home console. Visual Concepts have created 400 different player models to match the physique of the real people and each player has a real photo of their faces textre mapped onto their heads. The developers of NBA2K have also created faithful reproductions of the 29 basketball stadiums across America, probably not something that we would instantly recognise in Australia, but a nice touch anyway.

NBA2K runs at a constant 60fps and includes a staggering 1,300 motion captured movements, even though it appears sluggish in parts that is due to the simulation nature of this game. Another great feature is the emotion shown from other players when your team does something amazing or right on the bell. It's so close to real life it's amazing.

Playability is said to be just as high as the graphical details, if requiring a few adjustments in some areas. NBA2K offers all the options you could ever want in a basketball game with a variety of rules options, player interchanges and more. One innovative feature in the gameplay is a button so your player can run backwards, without turning around as im most other games.

Basketball is a popular sport in Australia which is growing in popularity every year. Fortunately, basketball makes a great computer game with its fast gameplay and high scoring. With a release date of 17th March, after several disappointing delays, this game is still one of the most wanted games on the Dreamcast. While the reviews from America weren't quite as strong as NFL2K most scores were still in the high 80's or low 90's. Better start saving.