September 27, 2000
Midnight GT - Preview
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Midnight GT is Rage's third Dreamcast title to date. After the superb graphics and gameplay in Incoming and Expendable it comes as a shock to see their next game is a racing title. If they can pull this game of then Rage will become one of the UK's truly great developers.

There are two different play modes in Midnight GT. The first mode is a street rally league. The game is based in Japan where players race through the city streets or on rally tracks to climb the rankings. The races all take place a night time, hence the name, when there is less traffic on the roads. At the beginning of the league game there is a choice of 8 cars. Rage have also promised a further 10 cars which can be unlocked throughout the game.

The second mode is called Pininfarina Arcade. This section of the game has a total of 8 exclusive concept and show cars to race in. These include the Honda Vivo, Alfa Romeo Dardo and the Ferrari Modulo. Four of the cars are available from the beginning while another four can be unlocked.

Midnight GT will be one of the few racing games on the market where the cars sustain visible damage (via bump mapping and vertex deformations). This damage to the cars also affects their handling during the races. There is also 12 different racing courses to master during the game.

This will be an interesting release from Rage. Their previous games have been action titles and developing a racing game will be a new experience for them. If anything this game looks the goods so far. Whether or not the game can match the likes of Sega Rally 2 is another matter.