November 30, 1999

Mortal Kombat Gold - Review

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The Mortal Kombat series of games is legendary in the gaming world. Not because of brilliant gameplay or wonderful graphics, but because of the controversy it creates with each new release. The first game in the series made headlines when it was released on the Megadrive due to it's extreme violence. It was possible to rip people's heads off or rip their hearts out to "finish him off". Definitely not the most child friendly game and anti-violence campaigners made the public take notice with many countries, including Australia, introducing game classifications as a result. Mortal Kombat still became a huge hit and sold millions of copies worldwide. Mortal Kombat Gold is the first game in Midway's series to hit the Dreamcast.

The premise behind Mortal Kombat Gold is exactly what the title suggests. Pick a fighter and battle against other fighters to the death to become champion. The game includes several difficulty levels to suit your expertise, with each difficulty level including more opponents. New features in Mortal Kombat Gold include the ability to side step you opponent, or use a weapon against them. As in the past Mortal Kombat Gold includes an impressive array of flying projectiles including fireballs, lightning and freezing magic.

Single player mode in Mortal Kombat Gold is quite good. The computer AI is fairly decent, although it is still way too easy to land a series of 5 or 6 jumping kicks in a row. The 2 player mode is a little more fun, especially if both of you have mastered several of the fighters including favourites such as Sub Zero, Scorpian, Katana and Baraka.

Graphically, Mortal Kombat Gold has reached new heights for the series. The fighters are made up of several thousand polygons and their movement is quite fluid. In fact, the game looks better then the arcade version due to the Dreamcast's power. For those people that can't stand the sluggishness of PAL games Midway, as with most of their games, have been kind enough to include a 60Hz option to run the game a the full 60fps.

Sound in Mortal Kombat Gold certainly isn't going to win any awards. The music is sometimes very moody while at other times it is very cheesy. The sound effects are also average and soon become obtrusive. It's a shame that the sound effects still sound so similar to the original game of years ago.

Mortal Kombat Gold is much better then the last MK game I played, Mortal Kombat Trilogy on the Playstation. That game had so many bugs I returned it within a couple of days. Fortunately, Mortal Kombat Gold is a much better game then it's predecessors although the gameplay is still somewhat limited compared to the brilliance of series' such as Tekken, Soul Calibur and Virtua Fighter which now dominate the arcades and consoles. Most of the moves are the same as previous games, which gives it an all too familiar feel. If your a Mortal Kombat fan you will love this game, but if your just looking around for a fighting game you might be better off looking elsewhere.

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