September 22, 2000

Mortal Kombat Gold

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The game that helped sell the Playstation is coming to Dreamcast. But don't expect some cheap port of the arcade game. Midway are going all out to make this the best version of the series so far, with several enhancements over the arcade game, Mortal Kombat 4.

The Mortal Kombat franchise was an extremely popular alternative to the Street Fighter series in the early 90's. Acclaim sold 6 million copies of the first game and a further 4 million copies of the second. This just shows the power of the series in Europe and the United states as very few copies were sold in Asia due to it's relative unpopularity. It's these types of numbers that Sega will be hoping to see on their console.

Mortal Kombat Gold is a vast improvement over previous incarnations in the series. The most notable improvement is the graphics. The characters and backgrounds are fully 3D and the lighting system is incredable. The Dreamcast's hardware has allowed Midway to improve on the arcade version of the game. One of the biggest improvements is the number of polygons the fighters are made up of.

Whether or not the Deramcast version of this game will sell however is unknown. Several other fighting games are due for release in 1999, and they have all proven themselves in Japan. Soul Calibur, Power Stone, Virtua Fighter 3 :TB, and Marvel Vs Capcom are all due within a couple of months of the systems launch in Australia.