December 7, 2000

Metropolis: Street Racer - Preview

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players RRP
3/12/2000SegaBizarre Creations1$99.95

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When Metropolis was announced in mid 1998 the game was shrouded in secrecy. I guess it's a bit of a shame that the game turned out to be another racing title. But is it just that? Well, yes and no. At it's heart Metropolis is a racing game, but it is also one of the most accurate racing simulations ever with the most accurate re-creations of three cities ever seen in a video game. Metropolis: Street Racer, as it's full title will be, is by far the best looking racing game on any console to date. Hopefully Bizarre Creations can include as much playability as their previous racing titles which include Formula 1 and F1 '97 on the Playstation.

As previously mentioned Metropolis: Street Racer allows you to drive around three different cities in a convertible of your choice. These cities include London, San Francisco and Tokyo with each city split up into three different areas to drive around in. Each of these areas approximately 2 square miles in size. To faithfully replicate the cities the developers took close to 35,000 photographs to ensure the authenticity of the cities and the accuracy of even the smallest details.

Bizarre haven't neglected the gameplay department with Metropolis: Street Racer including Classic Arcade and Gang Battle modes. The Classic Arcade mode includes Championship, Time Attack and Head to Head sections while the Gang Battle mode includes several different scenarios and tasks to complete. Bizarre have included and impressive 30 cars to drive from 12 different manufacturers including Mercedes, TVR, Mazda, Renault, Rover, Mitsubishi and Jenson.

Sound is another area which Bizarre is spending a lot of time on with every different engine being recorded for the game. Other background noises have also been recorded for inclusion in th backgrounds. These include things such as birds, planes and trains to replicate real city sounds. The soundtrack in the game will include several generes including Big Beat, Drum'n'Bass, Garage, Euro-house, Progressive Rock, R'n'B and even Jazz Funk.

It's a shame that Metropolis : Street Racer has been delayed for so long. It was originally intended to be a Dreamcast launch title. However progress over the last year has been remarkable and the game will be a great showcase against the might of the Playstation 2. It's no wonder so many people see this as a potential Gran Turismo killer.