September 22, 2000


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While game developers Bioware aren't quite a household name when it comes to video games, their games should be instantly recognised. Their first title was Shattered Steel on the PC, but their biggest title to date was th highly successful 1998 online RPG Baldur's Gate. After the success of the original MDK (Developed by Shiny/Planet Moon), Bioware were asked by Interplay rto do a sequel and were more then willing to take it on.

MDK2 expandes on the original title quite considerably. There are now 3 playable characters to chose from including Kurt, the hero of the first game, Dr Hawkins who can use a variety of household items to make weapons, and Max a dog with four legs to hold and use multiple weapons. Each character has unique abilities and weapons to help them complete the game.

Bioware have been generous with the number of levels and options on offer. The game includes 10 massive levels with over 20 different enemies. The weapons available are also varies with the standard weapons in action games to weapons such as The Worlds Most Interesting Bomb and The Black Hole Granade. Of course Kurt has retained his famous ribbon chute from the first game. Kurt's uniform now includes cloaking abilities as well as chameleon (camoflage) ability.

One of the most innovative features of the first game was the sniper mode. It allowed the player to zoom in on parts of the enemy to blow off their limbs etc. Thankfully this mode makes a return in the sequel which is great news for fans of the original title.

There has been criticism on the internet that MDK2 may be a bit too tough for the casual gamer. However, with most of the games released so far on the Dreamcast having a short life span or over easy difficulty level, MDK2 is a welcome addition to the Dreamcast lineup for hardcore gamers. Throw in impressive visuals and great gameplay and MDK2 should at lease earn serious consideration when it is released in mid June.