September 22, 2000

Marvel Vs Capcom

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One of the best 2D fighting games ever is heading to Dreamcast. Capcom have decided that this will be their first fighting game to appear on Sega's new console, instead of the expected Street Fighter 3 : Second Impact. Capcom have stated the Dreamcast is more then capable of 2D sprite games such as Marvel Vs Capcom, and this was to be the first test.

As almost any gamer knows Capcom's 2D games are the finest in the world. Their playability is almost perfect and with Marvel Vs Capcom, the programmers have added a new diminsion to the gameplay with the player able to select multiple characters too enter into battle.

Why call it Marvel Vs Capcom? Well the answer is simple. Capcom have obtained the rights to use Marvel characters in the battles. And yes, that includes Spiderman.

The graphics in Marvel VS Capcom are identical to the arcade. Any concerns that the Dreamcast can't handle 2D sprite based games have been put to rest. The loading times in the game are also impressive. I was worried after the horrible loading on Capcom's Playstation games but Marvel VS Capcom sufers no such problems at all.

Marvel Vs Capcom has done extremely well in Japan. The reviews were all very positive and it has sold fairly well. Don't expect this game to be huge in Australia, Power Stone and Soul Calibur will be the big fighting games here, but all respect must be shown to the king of 2D fighting games, Marvel Vs Capcom.