September 22, 2000

Chef's Luv Shack

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I have to be honest here and say that although I usually watch South Park when its on TV, I'm still not sure whether I really like it or not. That said, South Park does have a huge following in Australia and anything related to the series is sure to generate a lot of interest.

Acclaim, who own the rights to South Parks games, have decided to release this rather odd looking game which is basically a series of mini-games and small puzzles. As you can see from the above screenshots the game certainly looks like the TV show.

Just how the whole game will gel together will be interesting to see. If it's done well the game could be great fun, if it's developed poorly the game will probably end up on the scrap heap quicker then you can burn toast.

I'd love to see this game succeed, not for Acclaim, but for the Dreamcast. The system is starting to get a reputation for interesting games and Chef's Luv Shack looks set to follow the trend. It's still a surprise that Acclaim decided to bring this game to the Deramcast instead of the graphically impressive South Park Rally. Hopefully that game isn't far behind.