September 22, 2000

Jimmy White's 2: Cue Ball

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Origin RRP
17/2/2000VirginAwesome Developments Europe$89.95

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Click here for an interview with Archer Maclean, the producer of the game.

You wouldn't think that a snooker/pool game would be very beig on the console's. But apparently it is, especially in Europe where snooker is much bigger then in Australia. Awesome Developments decided that a port of the PC game, Jimmy White's 2 : Cue Ball, was worthwhile for the Dreamcast.

Although the above screenshots are from the PC game the Dreamcast version is almost identical according to Archer Maclean. If this turns out to be the case then this will be one of the best looking snooker games ever.

For those of you who have never played snooker the rules can be a little on the complex side. Basically the aim of the game is to put as many balls as possible into the 6 pockets on the table. This may sound easy but it must be done in a certain order of colours without touching another ball before the colour you are after.

But Awesome Developments decided the game should be more then just a pool. Also included is a dart board, jukebox and many other small things to play with. Although these are small distractions from the main game they still help to build the atmosphere of being in a pool hall or pub.

Jimmy White's 2 : Cue Ball was meant to be a launch title but waspushed back until mid-February 2000. Sure, it won't be as big as Sonic Adventure or Soul Calibur but it promises to be the most accurate representation of the sport. (My dad, who is a snooker fan/player loved the look of this game and can't wait to play the final version.)