September 22, 2000


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Incoming was one of the first titles on the PC that really showed what a 2nd generation 3D graphics card (such as Voodoo 2) was capable of. Fortunately, the game was great to play as well. With 6 intense and huge levels, in the PC version at least, Incoming has gained a very good reputation. This game is very fast and full of special effects which should look absolutely brilliant on a big screen TV.

From the screenshots released from the game we can see that it is jsut as impressive as the PC version of the game. All the special effects are there with anticipation of this growing in Japan this may very well be the surprise release on the Dreamcast this year.

Incoming was released in Japan on 17th December 1998 and unfortunately was recently delayed from a lauch title in Australia until February. Although this game is now approaching its used by date it is still a fun blast and a welcome addition to the Dreamcast's lacking action lie-up.