September 22, 2000

Hydro Thunder

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Seemingly out of nowhere comes this brilliant looking racing game. With blindingly fast gameplay and exciting track design Hydro Thunder is one Dreamcast game to keep an eye on.

With a wide selection of boats to race and a variety of very different tracks this game will keep you going for quite a while. The arcade game, although hard to find in Australian arcades, is definitely worth a few goes, if only to marvel at the gorgeous graphics. But don't get me wrong this game is a blast to play and will be a welcome addition to the Dreamcast's lineup.

For some reason boat racing games never manage to sell well. Can you recall a huge boat racing title on the home consoles? Perhaps Wave Race 64 is the only big game. Midway will be hoping that Hydro Thunder will set a new example.

Hydro Thunder is a launch title here in Australia and if your after an action packed racing game this could be it. My only niggle with the game is that it offers little different from the arcade game. This is basically a straight port without the credits.