February 26, 1999

House Of The Dead 2 (Arcade) - Review

Release Date Publisher Developer Additional Information
January 1999SegaSegaRuns on the Naomi arcade system.

Click To Enlarge Image Well several months after playing the test version of this arcade game I managed to play the full sit down version of the final game, and I have walked away truly impressed.

For those of you that never saw the original arcade game HOTD puts the player in a zombie infested world. Your task, to blow them all away with a light gun of course. It's even possible to shoot off parts of the zombies such as legs, arms, chest, and even parts of their heads.

To be honest I was stunned at the graphical quality of this sequel. I didn't expect the Naomi arcade system to be so powerful. I was expecting something similar to the original game. However, HOTD2 blows the original game away. All the enemies have more detail and move much more smoothly. One of the more impressive creatures in the game are the little slug creatures which eat the corpses. They look and move so much better then in the original game.

Click To Enlarge Image If you had trouble completing first game you will definitely struggle with this one. It's a lot tougher and requires very good shooting skills from the player. In one player mode this game is nigh on impossible, especially if you don't play many shooting games. In two player mode you will progress further into the game, and probably have more fun while your doing it.

HOTD2 is also impressive in that any actions that you take can result in you taking a different path through the game. This helps increase the replay value of the game immensely. It's also possible to shoot parts of the scenery to find extra lives and bonuses.

One slight disappointment with the game is that Sega's light gun still doesn't include the impressive recoil features found in Namco's shooting game guns. Still, we can't expect everything. Click To Enlarge Image

So what's different between the test version and final one? Well Sega have added in a few more enemies and the blood has been changed to green goo. Thanks a lot censors. It' doesn't affect the gameplay though. From what I can remember of the test version a few graphical errors have also been fixed up. Unfortunately, Sega still haven't included the recoil feature in their light guns for this game.

HOTD2 is a very impressive game that will be appearing on the Dreamcast in early 1999. This is the first official release for a Naomi arcade system and is a great showcase of the Dreamcast's power. Sega's light gun games always seem to impress, not only with their playability, but their graphics are very rarely surpassed. Well done Sega.