September 22, 2000

House Of The Dead 2

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Origin RRP
30/11/1999SegaIn-HouseJapan$129.95 with gun

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Imagine a game with the horrifying atmosphere found in the Resident Evil series, but where you can shoot the zombies with a light gun. Now, if ever there was potential in a shooting game, that would be it. A couple of years ago Sega decided to develop a game just like that, and House Of The Dead was the result.

House Of The Dead 2 is the sequel to the very successful original game from two years ago, and is an important showcase of the Dreamcast based Naomi arcade architecture for Sega entice other developers. The graphics in the sequel are far superior to the original game with animation also improved, and thankfully the Dreamcast conversion is spot on.

One part of the game that is perfectly implemented in this game are the multiple paths. It's possible to complete the game by taking a different path depending on how well you progress through the game. This boosts HOTD2's longevity immensely.

If anything the Dreamcast version of HOTD2 is better then the arcade game. The Dreamcast's light gun has a slot to plug in the Puru Puru pack which rumbles when you shoot a bad guy or get hit by the bad guys. Add in a practice mode and a few other options and the Dreamcast conversion becomes a "must have" game.

At the recent E3 show in America Sega didn't have the light gun on show. Although this caused initial concern it is believed it was held back to reduce controversy after the shootings in American high schools. Although the gun won't make it to the United States it will definitely be released in PAL territories to coincide with the game.

House Of The Dead 2 has sold extremely well in Japan since it's release on the 25th March. In the first 3 days over 110,000 copies were sold and this game will be one of the most anticipated titles outside Japan when the Dreamcast launches in November.