September 25, 2000
Hidden & Dangerous - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players RRP
25/9/2000Take 2Illusion Softworks1$89.95

Click To Enlarge ImageWhen Edge (a brilliant UK magazine) gives a game 9/10 it's time to sit up and take notice. Very few games achieve this score, but Illusion Softworks' Hidden & Dangerous was one such title. The game combines action and strategy perfectly and a Dreamcast version has been in development for some time now.

Hidden & Dangerous is an action/strategy game which has set new standards for real-time battle simulations. Set during World War II you task is to take a small force of up to four allied soldiers to complete missions deep within enemy territory. Of course, each mission requires much planning and thought. There is no point trying to storm a building without consideration for safety because you'll probably end up dead before hitting the front door. Hidden & Dangerous has a total of 23 varyied missions to complete.

Click To Enlarge ImageAs you can probably see from the above screen shots Hidden & Dangerous is one beautiful game to look at. The 3D engine is very fast and more then capable of producing the realistic look required for such a game. Each character has their own set of unique intelligence properties and everybody in the game has been motion captured for added realism.

Perhaps the one minor niggle that has been raised about the game is the ability to only control one character at a time. This can make the mission tedious when you have to run each character to the target every time someone dies. To say that this game is screaming for a multiplyer mode is an understatement but the single player mode is still a lot of fun.

With doubts about the quality of Red Storm's upcoming Rainbow 6 on the Dreamcast, we might have to look elsewhere to find a realistic action game. Thankfully, Hidden & Dangerous isn't too far off with a release expected around August after a few delays to fine tune the game.