January 11, 2001
Heroes of Might & Magic III - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players RRP
March 2001UbisoftIn-House1$89.95

It's not too often that you see a strategy game like Hereos of Might & Magic III on a console. What is primarily a PC turn based strategy game doesn't usually lend itself to the home console. However Ubisoft have licensed the game from 3DO the original developers believing it has enough potential to become a best seller on the system. With the game delayed by over half a year from its initial release date, Ubisoft are definately making sure that this conversion is perfect.

During the game you command Erathia’s greatest heroes and fiercest creatures, players will fight alongside Queen Catherine to restore her family’s royal reign. In this world of swords and sorcery, players will need to hone their fighting and spell-casting skills in order to complete quests, fend off foes and gather new allies to bring the royal family back to its rightful glory. With an arsenal of formidable medieval weapons and an array of impressive creatures to lead, Heroes of Might and Magic III will plunge gamers into adventure filled quests brought to life by beautiful high-resolution artwork. State of the art technology delivers pre-rendered 3D game graphics and the smooth animation system supplies realistic and engaging combat visuals that match the intense action.

As you would expect there isn't a lot to shout about with the graphics. By primaraily using a 2D graphics engine the developers are able to concentrate on the gameplay. After all we don't critise the developers of Civilization for the 2D graphics do we? This is a perfect example of a game where gameplay comes first, and if the PC version is anythign to go by then this should be engrossing.

I'm still not too sure weather the development time on a game like this is justified. For fans of the Might and Magic series this is a no brainer, you will buy this game. Casual gamers will more likely be temped with more mainstream titles such as Shen Mue: Yokosuka and Metropolis: Street Racer. Still, it's great to see Ubisoft trying a different genre on a system lacking variety.