April 15, 2001
Headhunter (DC) - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players RRP
July 2001SegaAmuze1$TBA

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Hang on, isn't that Solid Snake?
The Dreamcast is a wonderful system. In only a couple of years the system has received more Triple A quality titles then any other in history. After all this time however there is still one genre which hasn't been covered. That genre is the tactical/espionage/action game such as Metal Gear Solid or Syphon Filter on the PSOne. Step in developers Amuze from Sweden. This development team has been busy working on Headhunter for quite some time now and the results look amazing. As you can probably tell from the surrounding screenshots some of the scenes are very reminiscent a certain game from Konami. Still there are a several differences, which could go some way to making this a great game in its own right.

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World textures are quite detailed.
Headhunter is set in the near future where the government has taken control of the media and heavily censors everything. The police force is inefficient and law and order is often contracted out to headhunters. You play one of these headhunters, Jack Wade who has been hired to track down the person who assassinated the president of ACN. You can travel from city to city to find clues using your motorbike, which will also be used for racing others in the game. Expect plenty of action as you break into numerous buildings that are patrolled by guards who won't hesitate to stop you in your tracks. As with Metal Gear Solid you can sneak past enemies, but when you've got a machine gun in your hands why would you want to?

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Motorbikes are vital in the game.
As previously mentioned travelling from city to city is via a motorbike. The developers are planning to include an online gameplay mode where you can race 7 other people through SegaNET on the motorbikes. Unfortunately, due to Sega dropping a lot of online gameplay support (18 Wheeler and Crazy Taxi 2 are the latest casualties) it remains to be seen if this feature makes it into the final game. More likely is the ability to download files to unlock new areas in the game. Amuze is also planning on using the VMU to flash beeper styled messages for you to read.

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Alleyways always provide surprises.
It's sad to think that is Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty was coming out on Sega's machine we would hardly even be looking at this game. Thankfully for Amuze, Konami's masterpiece will never appear on the Dreamcast giving Headhunter a very important place on the system. From the surrounding graphics to the promised gameplay touches this game looks like being a lot of fun. Hopefully the online gameplay will be retained in the final version. With several months to go before release there should be plenty of time to fine tune the game, and hell, I'll let them take as long as they want because Headhunter looks like another "must-have" title on Dreamcast.