July 24, 2000

Fur Fighters - Review

Release Date Publisher Developer Players Rating RRP
22/7/2000AcclaimBizarre Creations1-4M$89.95
VMU Game Difficulty Save Size Vibration 60Hz 50Hz Border
NoMedium51 BlocksYesYesSmall

Click To Enlarge ImageFur Fighters is the latest game from Bizarre Creations, the developer of the hit Playstation Formula 1 series. This however, isn't a racing game but a 3rd person action shooter. This is the first Dreamcast title from the UK developers who have almost completed their other Dreamcast game Metropolis: Street Racer after many delays.

Fur Fighters follows the exploits of six "Fur Fighters" who are out to stop the evil General Viggo's plans for world domination. To complete his quest the General has kidnapped all the children of the "Fur Fighters" and unleashed an army of stuffed animals to help him. The "Fur Fighters" include Roofus, Juliette, Bungalow, Rico, Chang and Tweek who all have their own unique abilities. Their task is to complete each area to rescue the children and defeat the General forever.

The gameplay in Fur Fighters is viewed in the third person, from behind your character. The characters are very responsive and the controls are perfectly implemented, if a little strange at first. One neat feature in the game is the ability to switch between 6 characters at certain points in the game. This isn't just a cosmetic change either each character has his/her own ability. The kangaroo, Bungalow, for instance, can jump high while the cat, Chang, can climb walls while the other characters are small, can swim, and can glide. At certain points in the game you will have to change characters to reach new areas or complete tasks.

Click To Enlarge ImagePerhaps the most interesting aspect of this game is the amount of humour. Usually shoot 'em up's are violent and far from funny but Fur Fighters is a different story. The game is packed full of humorous moments and while it may go over the head of younger people, older gameplayers will love it.

The multiplayer aspect in this game is a lot of fun. The "Fluff Matches" as they are called can have up to 4 players trying to "fluff" each other. There is 6 levels to choose from as well as all six Fur Fighter characters. The action can be switched to 1st person perspective to give it more of a conventional shooter feel.

There are a couple of small issues with the gameplay which I would have liked to see fixed up. Firstly the General who helps you throughout the game can be too helpful. Every time you come to a puzzle he appears to help you out. It would have been nice to remove him in the higher difficulty levels to allow gamers to find solutions themselves. Another small niggle is the camera in the game which can sometimes find itself at a less then friendly angle.

Click To Enlarge ImageGraphically, Fur Fighters is great. While the levels may not be as detailed or rich as Rayman 2 they have a very bright and colourful look which suits the game perfectly. The frame rate is constant and even in the 4 player fluff match there is no severe slowdown or popup to distract from the game.

One of the most important aspects to any game these days, and one area that is often most neglected, is sound. Fortunately with a lengthy development period Bizarre Creations have had a lot of time to make some great sound effects and music, and it shows. Although the characters don't speak English, it's more of an animal grunting, it is quite often very humouous. The sound effects are also very clear and the music, although occasionally repeatitive, is very good.

Fur Fighters is yet another great title on the Dreamcast. The lengthy development period has ensured that Bizarre Creations have refined the game to the point where they could do little more. Make sure you check out this game immediatly, it's a blast.

Graphics Sound Gameplay Value Overall