September 22, 2000

Fur Fighters

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Origin RRP
Late JulyAcclaimBizarre CreationsEurope$89.95

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Fur Fighters, which was previously known as Furballs, is one of the hottest looking games for the Dreamcast this year. The developers, Bizarre Creations, have a great gaming background with the superb Formula 1 on the Playstation inlcluded. They are also currently developing Metropolis: Street Racer for the Dreamcast with both games targeted for mid-year releases.

The easiest way to describe Fur Fighters is Quake with stuffed animals. The game follows the fortunes of and elite fighting force of stuffed animals to save their families from teh evil General Viggo. The game consists of 40 normal gameplay levels and 6 boss levels.

The best part in any FPS is the deathmatch modes, and Fur Fighters has this area well covered. With the power offered by the Dreamcast the game will inlcude a 4 player split screen deathmatch mode. With over 20 weapons at your disposal and the stuffing being being blown out of the animals (literally) this should be the one of the most humouous games since Duke Nukem 3D.

While most people will be looking forward to Quake 3 Arena and Half Life to provide First Person Shooter thrills on the Dreamcast Fur Fighters may be the surprise hit of the year. Certainly the early buzz on the title from the press would suggest that this title is one to watch. With several months before the title hits the shelves there is plenty of time for Bizarre Creations to fine tune this already great looking game.