September 22, 2000

Millennium Soldier : Expendable

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There can be no denying that in graphical terms at least Rage's Expendable is one of the best looking games ever. Period. As only their second title on the Dreamcast, Rage have come to grips with Sega's system remarkably well.

Remember games like Commando, Ikari Warriors and Smash TV? If you do then you'll have a rough idea what this game is like. Viewed from a top down perspective your mission is to get through the levels using a variety of weapons to destroy any opposition.

Speaking of weapons, Rage have included some heavy artillary for use in this game. From standard shotguns to flame throwers to lasers and rocket launchers it's all there. It's also possible to pick up items such as health packs, time bonuses and score bonuses. One very cool feature in Exendable is that multiple weapons can be carried at one time.

The entire game is comprised of 17 levels and around 3 hours of gameplay. But that's only if you complete the game without too many problems. To make things even more exciting Rage have included a 2 player mode so you can blast you way through the levels with a friend.

But it's the graphics that make this game stand out the most. The explosions are the most amazing ever seen in a computer or video game and with a constant 60fps this game is silky smooth. The backgrounds graphics are equally impressive with parts of the scenery able to be blown away.

This should be one of the best titles on the Dreamcast come this November. Rage are getting better and better all the time and hopfully their upcoming titles will push the Dreamcast even further. Expect Expendable to make an noise when it's released in Australia.