January 11, 2001
Evil Dead: Hail To The King - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Systems
April 2001THQHeavy Iron1DC

One of the most admired horror movies series' (there is actually 3 of them in total) of all time is heading to the Dreamcast. THQ have been developing Evil Dead: Hail To The King for well over a year now, and it's starting to look pretty darn hot. Expect some bloody encounters with over 20 different zombies and monsters from the grave as you battle you way through the levels with axes, shotguns and a variety of other weapons, to complete the game.

So what's it all about then eh? Picking up eight years after the last installment of the Evil Dead films, Ash (the hero from the movies) is drawn back to the infamous cabin in the woods only to again face evil forces that have crossed over to our world. Our hero finds himself slicing and dicing carnivorous Kandarian demons, vicious deadites and other unspeakable atrocities spawned by the notorious Book of the Dead. Ash must once again attempt to save the world from an appalling and horrific end. Fortunately at his disposal are a variety of weapons including an axe, rifle, shotgun and the legendary chainsaw to dispatch any undead that get in your way.

As you can see in the surround screenshots this game is looking very impressive, if not a little Resident Evilish, which is definitely no bad thing. The backgrounds are all fully animated and displayed in 24 bit colour to give them the same realistic look from the film. The developers are also including cut scenes to keep the flow of the game nicely. The 20 enemies are all well designed and animated and fit into the legend that is Evil Dead perfectly.

One of the greatest aspects of this game is the return of Bruce Campbell to provide the voice of Ash in the game. He was the actor from the movies and will help link the game to the movies considerably.

Evil Dead: Hail To The King is looking hot. While THQ's track record isn't great their latest games have shown significant improvement from their past games. If you like horror games, or are a fan of the Evil Dead movies then you have reason to celebrate. Ash looks set to blow away the dead, as well as the competition.