September 10, 2000

ECW Hardcore Revolution - Review

Release Date Publisher Developer Players Rating RRP
VMU Game Difficulty Save Size Vibration 60Hz 50Hz Border
NoMediumTBAYesYes Small

ECW Harcore Revolution is yet another wrestling game from Acclaim. Their previous wrestling release WWF Attitude certainly didn't set the world alight, but Acclaim are hoping to remedy the problems with this release, barely six months later. But can it really compete with the Dreamcast fighting heavyweights such as Soul Calibur and Dead Or Alive 2?

ECW Hardcore Revolution certainly has plenty of options to select from. These include Exhibition (single matches), Career (follow a wrestler through his/her career), Tournament (fight to go up the wrestling rankings), Pay-Per-View (create your own PPV event), Cheat Menu and the wrestling creator/editor. In fact the wrestler creation tool is one of the best features in this game. This allows you to build a wrestler with almost every option you can think of. Skin, eyes, hair, face, build, height, sex, it's all there. You want to change it, you can. After selecting or building your wrestler it's into the ring for some serious brawling.

Wrestling games can be a lot of fun. Back in the Super Nintendo and Megadrive days there were some great titles. The action was fast and the gameplay tremendous fun, especially when it involves some friends. Unfortunately ECW Hardcore Revolution does little justice to wrestling games, or the Dreamcast. The entire game seems too sluggish and the moves can be awkward to pull off. Another problem is the collision detection. Frequently wrestlers limbs will pass through the opponents body while blows that don't look like they connected inflict damage. Another annoyance is that it is a lot easier to defeat opponents with kicks and punches then with special moves, which are usually generates the biggest excitement in wresling.

Graphically, there are some serious problems with this game. As soon as the wrestlers appear from their tunnel to enter the ring you quickly realise that this game will not break any new graphical barriers. In fact, the game looks more like an early Playstation game, albeit in high resolution. The animation is a little better then that found in WWF Attitude although the overall speed is slightly increased. One nice touch is the increasing blood levels appearing on the fighters during bouts and the scars on their bodies.

Sound wise ECW Hardcore Revolution is, once again, very average. The crowd seems fairly vocal athough they become rather repeatitve after a short time. The music is exciting but still not up to the standards you would expect and with only a handful of tracks it soon becomes very tiresome. The same can be said about the commentators. They are fun for a while but it doesn't take long to hear all the phrases on offer.

Perhaps the biggest problem with this game is that the game is just too similar to WWF Attitude. There have been minor tweaks to the gameplay and the wrestler list has changed, but there is nothing significant. If you have WWF Attitude, don't bother with this game.

Acclaim could have done so much more with this title. It just seems so rushed, perhaps they believe the minds of gamers are as feeble as people who believe that wrestling is actually a sport. Don't worry, Acclaim have another wrestling game, ECW Anarchy Rules by years end, and then there is always THQ's WWF Royal Rumble to consider, which actually looks pretty good. This game is better left on the shelves.

Graphics Sound Gameplay Value Overall