September 22, 2000

Dynamite Cop 2

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It's great to see Sega bringing out a wide range of games for their new system. Recent years haven't seen too many side scrolling beat 'em ups on consoles, apart from Core's Fighting Force which appeared last year. Thankfully, Sega's AM2 division have realised there is still demand for a side scrolling beat 'em up.

Known as Dynamite Deka 2 in Japan, Sega's game was fairly well received by the press. Sales were also strong with the Japanese total now close to 100,000 units. The game, which has been converted from Model 2 in the arcades, has had several enhancements for the Dreamcast. Most of these however, are purely cosmetic and add little to the overall esperience.

If there is one niggle to be leveled at this game it's that the action usually takes place in one room with little or no side scrolling before moving into the next room. This gives the game a very confined feel to it and although it's not a major problem it makes the game feel like 100 mini stages instead of four or five big areas.

I personally can't wait to get my hands on the final PAL version of this game. I have always been a side scrolling beat 'em up fan ever since the days of Double Dragon, Streets Of Rage and Final Fight. Sega's game will have it's work cut out though, with Core currently developing Fighting Force 2 for release on the Dreamcast in the near future.