April 9, 2001
Ducati World (DC) - Review
Release Date Publisher Developer Players Rating RRP
8/3/2001AcclaimAttention To Detail1-2G$69.95
Online Gameplay Difficulty Save Size Vibration 60Hz 50Hz Border
NoMedium8 BlocksYesYesSmall

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Still screenshots look impressive
If there is one thing that the Dreamcast isn't short of it's racing games. From launch day to today barely a month goes by without another racing title hitting the shelves. March 2001 sees the release of Attention To Detail's Ducati World. At least the company has picked a racing genre that hasn't been covered too much in recent years. However, before we get too far into this review I am going to sum it up right now for those who won't waste tehir time reading the entire review; Ducati World is crap, it's shit, it's repugnant and it's a joke. Get the drift yet?

The options in Ducati World are fairly impressive. With over 40 bikes, 2 player split screen mode and a Ducati Life (career) mode this game is certainly featured. Unfortunately the moment you being a race you realise there is something terribly wrong with the game. Controlling the bike is as unrealistic as ever with moving the control stick either turning the bike severely or almost not at all. The collisions are terribly handled as well. Slamming into the wall head on will result in you bouncing off while slightly grazing the next corner may send you crashing off your bike.

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Hay, maybe this is a good game? Not.
Looking at the screenshots around this review you could be forgiven for thinking that this game looks hot. Well it does look pretty good when stationary but when it moves it's terrible. In fact graphically, Ducati World is a complete joke. From the laughable fram rate (which is probably no more then 15fps in places) to the horrific polygon folding on the edges of roads. Pop-up is rampant, and there is obvious texture swapping while racing. I would imagine that this is little better then the PSOne version. Perhaps the biggest crime however is the total lack of speed in the game. No matter what speed you are doing on your bike it seems like you are travelling at walking pace.

The sound, as you would expect, is just as pathetic as the game. My lawnmower has more realistic motorbike sounds then this game while I've hear midi files sounding better on my PC almost 10 years ago now. I suppose after playing the game the developers wisely decided to give up on spending money on the audio as well.

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At least you can go backwards.
Exactly how I managed to spend half a day playing and reviewing this title I don't know. It's absolute drivel. With the amount of time that Dreamcast development kits have been available and with Acclaim publishing the title I would have expected so much better. Ducati World is the worst title seen on the Dreamcast to date, and yes, that includes the laughable Spirit Of Speed 1929. While it may be better technically, Ducati World is a heavier fall because of the promising build up to release. Steer well clear of this game, on all counts, it's a failure.

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