August 8, 2000

Dead Or Alive 2 - Review

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Click To Enlarge ImageThe original Dead Or Alive was release on the Playstation almost 3 years ago now and came under some criticism for the "bounciness" of a specific part(s) of the female anatamy. Even with this "effect" the game was brilliant in its own right and sold enough copies for Tecmo to decide to develop a sequel.

Dead Or Alive 2 has a total of 12 characters to choose from including 5 girls and 7 guys. As with all fighting games each fighter has his/her own abailities but in general the guys have more strength while the females are more agile. The object of the game, unless you've been asleep for the last 20 years, is to defeat your opponent using a variety of moves and attacks. In fact each character has over 100 moves to master which includes throws, punches, kicks, blocks and reversing attacks. This is one deep fighting game.

Click To Enlarge ImagePlaying Dead or Alive 2 is one of the most enjoyable times you will have sitting in front of your Dreamcast. The action is fast and the combo's are frantic yet this is the type of game that can be picked up and played in a few minutes or devoured over several weeks to discover every minute detail. Unfortunately, if there is one deficiency it may be the games longevity. There is nothing similar to the muesem mode from Soul Calubur which increased the longevity of Namco's title immensely.

There are plenty of game modes in Dead or Alive 2. As well as the standard 1 on 1 vs mode the developers have included some 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 action with up to 4 human players competing at a time. If there are only 3 people in the house, the CPU will controll the extra character. The game also includes a sparring mode which is useful to practice your moves before moving into the serious fights. However, it's the survival mode that is worthy of mention with the object not only to see how many people you can defeat, but also earn as many points as possible through combo's and pickups that are dropped around the ring.

The highlight of this game by far is the graphics. Quite simply they are amazing. The fights occur on multiple levels with combatants able to force their opponents over the edge to a lower level. The characters themselves are wonderfully detailed and animated in full 60fps glory. It would have been nice to see a little more interactivity with the surroundings, but that is getting a little extreme.

Click To Enlarge ImageThe sound also contains a few surprises, not least of which is the very heavy metal style of the intro. It is definately not what you expect from a Japanese style fighting game, especially since the game includes Japanese voices (with English subtitles) which usually combines with a more pop/dance type music. Sound effects are suitably meaty for a fighting game with body blows sounding particulary painful.

Dead Or Alive 2 is a remarkable title. The presentation, graphics, sound are superb, and the gameplay is rarely short of spectacular. Anyone who still has doubts about the power of the Dreamcast need only look at this title. If you haven't played your Dreamcast for a while now, this is the perfect opportunity to blow away the cobwebs and invite some friends over.

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