September 22, 2000

Dead Or Alive 2

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Bouncy boobs! Bouncy boobs! Well thats what everyone was up in arms about in the original, and they return in the sequel. The game that takes gravity to the extreme on the female anatomy is finally coming to Australia. Dead Or Alive 2 is the sequel to one of the biggest fighting games on the Playstation. But the game wasn't just about the effect of gravity, it was a damn good fighting game in its own right.

The America version of Dead Or Alive 2 has been out for some time now. In fact, it was released very close to the Japanese Playstation 2 version and while the Dreamcast version looked the better of the two games, thanks to anti-ailising, the Playstation 2 version had a lot more options in the game giving it a longer gameplay life. However Tecmo have been spending considerable time upgrading the Dreamcast game for release in Europe and Japan.

Exactly what the upgrades include is still unknown, however it is believed that there will be a couple of new stages added to the 9 arenas from the American version. It is also belived that the 12 fighters in the American version will be joined by a couple of new ones. The fighting is also being modified slightly before release to make the battles more even.

Graphically, Dead Or Alive 2 is gorgeous. Most people agree that the Dreamcast version beats the Playstation 2 version hands down in this area. With a constant 60fps update and silky smooth gameplay this is sure to set new benchmarks in fighting games. The sound is equally impressive with some great music and sound effects that equal the best ever heard in a fighting game.

Considering that the American version of this game is widely accepted as one of the best fighting games ever, then there is no reason to expect anything less in the PAL version. I can only hope that Tecmo/Acclaim include a 60 Hz mode in the game. Expect this game to make a noise when it is release here in August.