October 27, 2000

Deep Fighter - Preview

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Click To Enlarge ImageFrom the developers that brought us both the supberb Trickstyle and the very average Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing comes this submarine game. It's actually the sequel to the sleeper PC hit game Sub-Culture which was release about 5 years ago now. This sequel looks set to improve on the original game even further.

Starting out as a cadet in the defense force, the game provides a wide range of missions: from breeding fish to destroying enemy bases, from solving ancient puzzles to gathering valuable mineral resources. You take the controls in one of a variety of different hi-tech subs, and work both alone and with the help of a CPU controlled wingman/women. The overall task in the game is to protect your colony from the imminent threat of natural disaster and the mysterious enemies that inhabit this beautiful but deadly underwater world.

Click To Enlarge ImageDeep Fighter contains 8 different vehicles, some for traveling above water level while some are submersible. The vehicles have a total of 22 different weapons including mini-subs. The game also includes 50 missions set in 6 unique environments that include sub-areas and mini-games scattered throughout. The enemies are also vaied and have a fairly strong AI to ensure the game retains a level playing field for human and computer opponents.

Click To Enlarge ImageCriterion have spent a lot of time on the visuals in this game. With over 30 minutes of excellent quality video footage, the developers are sparing no expense on this title. While some people still detest video footage in video games, it can add a lot to the atmosphere in Deep Fighter. As you can see from the screen shots the game worlds are extremely detailed and atmospheric. The water effects are excellent and the levels look more like living aquariums then something from a video game.

Hopefully Criterion have gained enough experience to fix up the slowdown problems that plagued their past Dreamcast titles. The original PC game was great fun and the sequel looks stunning. With its release date pushed back until late this year there has been plenty of time for Criterion to fine-tune this potentially awesome title.