September 22, 2000

Buggy Heat

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Buggy Heat is CRI's second Dreamcast title after Aero Dancing. CRI, which is the parent company of Sega, were desperately hoping that Buggy Heat could help the Dreamcast's sluggish Japanese sales. But it was not to be. In fact it wasn't even close.

At first glance Buggy Heat looks remarkable. The graphics are super smooth, although the game runs a little on the slow side, and the cars and scenery are surprisingly detailed. But upon playing the game is soon becomes apparent that this game is a rushed product. While CRI promised they were fixing the game before the Japanese launch, which is the reason for months of delays, the handling is errant to say the least. Cars spin out of control with the smallest mistake.

Japanese magazines gave the game an average of 65%. Definately not up to the standards of Sega's stunning Sega Rally 2. I was hoping for a lot more from this title, but as reflected in the Japanese sales this game will probably hit the bargin bins pretty soon.

But there is still hope for the English release. ASC, who are converting the game for the America market, have promised an increase in game speed as well as better car control. This should resolve most of the problems with the Japanese game. A new intro and English voices are also promised for the conversion. Here's hoping then.