September 22, 2000

Blue Stinger

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Origin RRP
30/11/1999ActivisionClimax GraphicsJapan$89.95

When Blue Stinger was first announced in September 1998 and screen shots were released, it looked as if Climax Graphics had a real winner on their hands. The game was originally scheduled to be a launch title but was soon delayed, twice. Never a good sign.

The lead up to the games launch in Japan was fantastic. The hype prior to it's March 1999 release was good and many people expected Blue Stinger to become the systems biggest title to date. However as the reviews started to come in the reason for the delays became obvious. Blue Stinger is a sub standard game. Yes, the graphics were very nice, but there were several gameplay problems, mainly with the camera angles.

Thankfully Activision, who are publishing the game outside Japan, have picked up on these problems and fixed many of them. The character is now viewed from behind their backs which stops many of the camera problems.

Blue Stinger will be a launch title in Australia on November 30th. Although it won't be the best game on the system it should be a worthwhile purchase for those who like action/adventure titles, at least until Resident Evil : Code Veronica comes out next year.