December 17, 1999

NFL Blitz 2000 - Review

Release Date Publisher Developer Players Rating RRP
VMU Game Difficulty Save Size Vibration 60Hz 50Hz Border
NoHard99 BlocksYesYesNone

Anyone who has ever played a NFL based game before will know exactly how complicated the sport can be. Fortunately, I have grown up playing games such as EA's Madden, Sony's NFL Gameday, and Acclaim's Quarterback Club over they years which has grown into a love of the sport. I also watch NFL on TV and manage to understand most of the (often complicated) rules. So it was with some excitement that I received a copy of Midway's NFL Blitz 2000 for the Dreamcast.

The first thing that you will notice about NFL Blitz 2000 is the stunning intro. The video playback is easily of TV quality and shows some of the most exciting aspects from real NFL matches, mostly the tackles, crunches and touchdowns. For those of you who aren't aware NFL Blitz is actually Midways arcade NFL game. It's extremely rare in Australia arcades, so it's unlikely many of you have seen the game in action.

Gameplay in NFL Blitz 2000 is definitely engineered towards an arcade experience. As the intro states, "No Refs, No Rules, No Mercy". Almost all of the NFL rules have been thrown out of the window and the game has been developed with fast paced action in mind. Players are able to pass the ball as many times as you want between the receivers and there is a 30 yard distance for the first down. It is also possible to flatten your opponents after the play has finished without any penalty. One thing is certain. NFL Blitz 2000 is a hard game. Although you are give 3 difficulty settings even the easiest setting can be tough.

If anything could have been improved in the game it would have to be the number of plays available. Midway have included only 21 offensive plays/formations which, to the unexperienced NFL fan may sound like a lot, but should have been many more. Defensive setups are even worse with Midway only providing 9 different setups. There is an option to create your own plays however, most people won't go to all the hassle of doing so. It's a shame because even in the MegaDrive days EA's Madden included more plays then this.

The graphics in NFL Blitz 2000 are superb. The playing fields, crowds and animation on the players is excellent with a wide variety of stadiums to play in. The only disappointment is with the number of polygons which the players are made up with. They can look very angular in spots with some very occasional polygon glitches.

Commentary in NFL Blitz 2000 is also very impressive and although the phrases can become repetitive after a while the comments never become annoying like so many other sports games. Perhaps this is because many of the comments are so funny like when a players helmet is knocked off you will hear comments, "Decapitated him, sort of". Sound effects aren't anything that you wouldn't expect from an NFL game with crowds cheering and suitable crunching noises when a player hits the surface.

NFL Blitz 2000 is a fast a furious game and definitely the best in Midways Blitz series so far. This game may be pretty hard to find on Australian shelves but don't think that it's a bad game, in fact it's best arcade style NFL game ever. With NFL2K still without a release date in Australia, Midway's title will keep you going until SOE & Ozisoft finally get their act together.

Graphics Sound Gameplay Value Overall