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November 7, 2003


Thank you for taking interest in this web site, Future Gamez. These few paragraphs will give you a bit more info on what this site is hoping to achieve, and what you need to view it.

Firstly, in order to view this site you really need to be in at least 800 x 600 resolution and to obtain the best viewing results need to be running in at least 16-bit colour (high colour). Many people have asked why I don't use Flash or Shockwave. The answer to that is that I want Future Gamez to reach as many people as possible and almost everyone to be able to view all the pages.

As you may have noticed the title of this page has changed over the years from Ultimate Dreamcast Page to Dreamcast Australia to Future Games and finally Future Gamez. The reason for this? Well this is a long story. Initially I was only going to cover the Dreamcast hence Ultimate Dreamcast Page was born. I soon decided to focus on the Australian system and the name changed to Dreamcast Australia, which seemed more appropriate. After some legal problems with Sega I had to remove Dreamcast from the name and decided to change to multi-platform and called the site Future Games. The "S" was changed to a "Z" when trying to register a domain name.

You may also notice that the news section used to be quite brief, and still is compared to dedicated web sites. Unfortunately, it costs money and more importantly - time, for all the latest news. Hours and surfing on the net costs a lot of money and it's pointless duplicating a lot of news, to top it all off I also work full time and am completing my second degree. My main aim with the site is eventually to provide an outlet for accurate reviews of games. PAL versions of games are often quite different from the JAP/US versions and the reviews and previews have become a major feature of this site.

I don't get paid for running Future Gamez at all, and in fact it costs me money to host the site in America. I work on the site myself and maintain it as a hobby in my spare time. At times I may not update the site for a week or so due to work commitments but there will be other times when pages are updated several times a day.

Thanks to all the people who have e-mailed me so far with encouragement and suggestions all are welcomed and taken into consideration.

Information about myself can be found on My Personal Page.

Please send me an E-Mail if you wish :